Psych has been thrilling fans with a “Slumber Party” on twitter tonight.

@TedonTV and @McGeePR are doing slumber party twitter sessions as the #PsychSlumberParty kicks off.  There have been accounts of tweetdeck absolutely blowing up.  Only 45 minutes in, you can see that the Midnight on Friday Night start has been quite strong.  It’s an exciting win for Social TV PR.

28,000 estimated tweets for #PsychSlumberParty graph at 12:45am 1/16

Fourty-five minutes in to the #PsychSlumberParty on USA Network Social PR push, 28,000 have used the hashtag in tweets.


The campaign was publicized over social media for the last week or two, at least.  I didn’t look up the specifics but I can tell you anecdotally because it was displayed prominently on my facebook feed.  On television, the Slumber Party consists of marathon episodes with seemingly less commercials, and interstitials with the cast.  The #PsychSlumberParty hashtag is displayed on screen at all times and there is a colorful ticker of tweets.  User videos were also uploaded and are being displayed, with only minimal technical difficulty ;).

One of the coolest things on Twitter is the picture @McGeePR shows of the control room view she’s got as they work the show:

This control room at 30 rock studios in New York shows the Psych Slumber Party event behind the scenes right before it starts.

Psych Slumber Party Control Room at 30 Rock!

As for “second screen” I think USA is making CharacterChatter.com a thing.  It looks cool but personally I only have room for so many windows on my screen.  My second screen is twitter, and the plain old website interface at that.  (I guess my “third screen” would be this blog?)

To see what people are saying on Twitter: Search #PsychSlumberParty on Twitter (https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%23PsychSlumberParty&src=hash) or follow me @eriruby and check out my favorites.


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