Paleyfest 2013 has been going on since Saturday at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles.  Lots of great panels about television shows currently on, including interviews with cast and creators.  They also put out an app, and it’s fantastic.  Clean, dynamic, smooth and full of actually useful information!  My favorite parts are the mobile-friendly schedule and the tweets, which are separated into “Buzz” and “Official.”  I just love this event app!

Hulu is also broadcasting the panels the next day, but it looks like those are just bits and pieces.  Do we have to buy hulu plus in order to watch the whole things?  Or is it just cut up into parts?  I am not sure.

As for the content: Chris Hardwick hosts a Walking Dead discussion.  Castle is there.  Once upon a Time, The Newsroom, Community, Mindy Project and Modern Family are there.  Ryan Murpy is winning the inaugural Icon award.  And I’m excited to see a television event using Social TV in a meaningful way.

"at Paleyfest I want the lights to turn off, fog machine comes on and Dan Harmon comes in on a skateboard and ollies over the new showrunners"


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