Screenshot of www.aereo.com featuring Kerry Washington of "Scandal" on NBC on the left and a currently airing guide on the right.

Aereo Screenshot

Today internet television provider Aereo announced that it is now available in the New York metropolitan area, from my hometown in upstate NY to my current town in New Jersey.  I’m using it as a second screen rather than a replacement because I have cable, but I’ve already suggested it to friends in the area that don’t.

For those that haven’t yet checked it out, Aereo allows you to watch live television, but instead of accessing through a cable provider you can watch it on Aereo’s website.  As you can see in the screenshot below the picture quality is great, and you’ll find that the viewing guide, settings, screen size and DVR feed (indicated on the right by an antenna) are easily switched.  This makes the viewing experience close to television but enhanced by digital capabilities.  I love it.  Most of all, it has Ion, which my current provider doesn’t.  I love Ion!

This is an exciting expansion of internet television because the monthly cost of cable is nothing less than exorbitant these days.  My hope is that Aereo will disrupt the market.  The challenge will be getting internet-only consumers to latch onto a service that touts the programming they can get on demand already anytime.

To check it out go to https://aereo.com/

On the left, Aereo.com is playing "She's Crafty" on the Ion network.  The right side shows a viewer guide with other channels you can turn to.  The bottom of the video player adjusts for picture quality, screen size and has social media sharing.

She’s Crafty on Aereo


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