CBS and Lionsgate may be buying 50% of the TV Guide Network next week.

This would be interesting. Shouldn’t be too much of a change since half the programming on this channel is already CBS content – Showtime is owned by CBS and Weeds is shown along with many other great shows. I didn’t know that majority of providers carry TVGuide network in full screen without the guide. I also didn’t know they’d sold their outdoor advertising business. Of course this is separate from TV Guide Magazine/website/facebook account. Also I love the nostalgia programming on TV Guide Network and always have.

I’m tying this into the WEBTV blog because TV Guide has always been an outlier, a new business model that no one else ever really picked up on.  The premise ended up translating to cable systems rather than TV stations, yet the network slowly picked up good content.  And it was consistent about it.

As these new media emerge it’ll be exciting to see what sticks.  Not all of it will.  And that’s a good thing, because otherwise we’d be forever doing the Harlem Shake.

And here’s a screenshot of a TV Guide network interview featuring three beautiful ladies.


See the Deadline.Com post:



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