Have you seen Stevie Ryan’s TV show on VH1, Stevie TV?  Season 2 seems even better than season 1.   A production company found a YouTube star and made her a TV star.  Everyone wants that but how does it happen?

When Stevie Ryan started out on YouTube she was already as an actress in LA.  Much like Will Sasso understood the potential of Vine, Stevie used the bourgeoning medium to distinguish her personal style.  Her first video has over 53,000 – it’s a cute 1950’s beach video to the tune of “Beyond the Sea.”

She made that video in 2006.  She got a TV show in 2012.  It takes patience!  She made videos under the character “Little Loca” for the next 6 years and it turns out she was working towards the gig she has now.  And look, she even made a Prop 8 video so I’d call that pretty relevant.

(As a side note – the video’s title was updated to reflect that Prop 8 was overturned in 2010.  That’s the decision that was ultimately deferred to in the Supreme Court decision.  Can we get another shout out for that Amazing Day last week?)

This New Yorker profile on Stevie Ryan and the life of the YouTube content creator holds pretty true to today.  To listen to her in 2006 and hear ShayCarl give advice as publicity for one of the 2013 digital awards, not much has changed – it’s all about persistence and shameless, tireless advocacy and grassroots PR.

Are you convinced that you need to keep going in order to eventually achieve your goals?  It’s not going to happen overnight but if you just keep making those videos, be consistent, and care about what’s going on around you, maybe even respond to a few viewer comments, it’ll only take about 6 solid years of hard work for it to pay off.  The only question is… do you have what it takes?


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