Yesterday Cynopsis (the daily TV industry newsletter) presented its “Model D” awards in New York City. The purpose was to honor the best in online video content and advertising. Due to the nature of the awards, most nominees were from the TV industry, and I wouldn’t say any were really “indie” although some could certainly be considered “disruptive.”

Here’s a smattering of those I found interesting. A full list can be found here: Cynopsis Model D Awards

Best Connected TV Platform: Bravo

Digital Video Ad Platform: Freewheel, Monetization Rights Management

Digital Video Tech Platform: Unicorn Once

Social TV: E! Live from the Red Carpet
(A coup for E!, which won over the likes of American Idol and other TV hard hitters)

TV Everywhere: Hulu Plus
(Who just announced app integration with Playstation 4, and has successfully produced original content along with existing TV content)

Video Discovery Service: VEVO
(Over Right This Minute, which I actually use to discover content at work, and TV Guide Online, which should be embarrassed by this loss)

Branded Integration, Web Series & Solo Video, Solo: Defy Media (Alloy Digital & Break) for SMOSH Assassin’s Creed III
(It’s fantastic that SMOSH, the second YouTube breakout star, has found a way to monetize his existence and maintain relevance. Break is smart to have moved from content aggregation to also representing online personalities and clearly it is paying off.)

Use of Companion Video, Comedy: 30 Rock, the Final Season
(Another heavy TV category, which makes sense given that it’s meant to honor TV shows that successfully integrate an original online video component. Other hitters were The Office’s Farewells, which I watched and loved – and needed, I was very sad when that ended and still watch reruns every night; The Morgan Project, which I resent because it implies that there is someone else more important to follow than Mindy Kaling’s amazingness; and a Disney Show/Shark Tank mashup.)

Use of Companion Video, Reality: Top Chef Last Chances, Season 2
(A category infused with “Behind The…’s” and “Redemptions.” Reality seems to take the cake with companion video. They get it, and the content is purposeful, well produced, and prolific.)

Digital Consumer Brand Campaigm: EPIX

Multiplatform Marketing Campaign: (Tie) Occupy Conan and VH1’s Pop Up Video Experience

Social Media Campaign: (Tie) USA Network’s Psych Social Pineapple Trifecta and Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas
(Yay Psych! One of the most openly nerdy shows on television and a fantastically self aware but fun show so it makes sense that it could win an online fan base, because nerdy fans are the most loyal next to soap fans. Hallmark has Christmas in the bag and boy do people love cheesy Christmas movies!)

Live Show, Solo Event: Climate Reality Project
(I consider this a dark horse because it won over March Madness, the Super Bowl, The Olympics, Food Network’s Thanksgiving Live, and a Budweiser livestream concert with YouTube and Pandora. That last one was inaugural and seemed to have the makings of a breakout hit, so stay tuned for next year. I just don’t think sports are popular to watch online, although it does provide a service. People want to kick back with their friends to watch sports. It’s just not as conducive to online participation.)

YouTube Original Channel: WIGS

Webseries, Comedy: Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Webseries, Drama: Sony Crackle’s Chosen
(All webseries contenders had extremely high production values, matching that of TV)

Webseries, Lifestyle: (Tie) In Bed With Joan and Reluctantly Healty
(How great is it that Joan Rivers not only has a webseries but wins at it? Talk about keeping up with the times and always being open.)

Digital TV Group,
Channel: Univision
Network: Bravo

Daily Series: Buzz60 from Zazoom

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