2014 tony hedwig

Neil Patrick Harris.

I called my flatmate into the living room when Hedwig came on.  I said, “Can you believe her performance?  And then realizing that my chosen gender-friendly pronoun was incorrect as this was Neil Patrick Harris, corrected myself.  My ever insightful flatmate says, “Well, if anyone ever earned the title of ‘She,’ it was that performance in those heels!”


Congratulations to “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” for winning FOUR The Tony Awards: Lena Hall, NPH, Best Revival and Best Lighting!

In other 2014 Tony Awards starring Hugh Jackman highlights, Kenny Leon gave a fantastic speech for “Raisin in the Sun’s” Best Revival of a Play win.  He said to go see “Holla if you Hear Me,” the new musical with songs by Tupac Shakur.  Which, ahem ahem, a certain someone said this very morning.  Just saying, I have the same advice as a Tony Award Winning Director.  No big.



Also interesting was Alan Cumming’s expert performance with the company of “Cabaret.”  Just like himself, the character is openly bisexual – he kisses a man on the cheek, dances sandwiched in between two men, and pretends to chew on a girl’s ass.

It was the most diverse Tony Awards I can recall seeing.  “After Midnight,” “A Raisin in the Sun,” Audra McDonald, “Aladdin,” and “Violet” all prominently feature African-American people and stories and brought to us tonight such incredible winners and presenters.  There were frequent shots of Lucy Liu in the audience and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many same sex kisses on TV before.  (How cute was David Burtka’s cameo?!?!?!)

There were also a couple of awkward moments in the telecast – It must’ve been weird to sing Jean Valjean right next to Hugh Jackman, even if you are starring on broadway.  And if the show could’ve simply opened with “After Midnight’s” musical number/medley it perhaps would’ve been better off and more on time.  But all in all it was a beautiful show, celebrating art and those who teach it in a venue that makes us more excited to carry on.  Since Hedwig was in the Revival category, I wasn’t even excited about the award for best new musical, until the very end of the show when it was about to be presented and I realized that throughout the telecast the stakes had risen for me.  And that folks is a successful Tony’s telecast.  Congratulations to all the winners, nominees and everyone involved in the productions.

One last thing… $100 if you can tell me who Hedwig Carwashed in the audience.


*Not really $100, but I’ll be forever grateful – my sister has her money on Mark Rylance, I’ve got mine on Orlando Bloom.  So bring me good news and maybe we’ll split it.




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