Vimeo is a platform for video upload, streaming and download.  It doesn’t compress videos like YouTube so it is a favorite for professional users.  Today they entered the online distribution market with a show called High Maintenance.

Screenshot of a woman smoking a joint in the trailer for High Maintenance on Vimeo

Screenshot of the On Demand screen for Vimeo.com

It can be streamed as a series for $7.99 or per episode at $2.

You can pay this if you want – it’s probably good – or you can watch filmercials like “Market Hours” for free.  Screenshot of Vimeo Lexus Short Film offering, Market Hours - video shows "Lexus and The Weinstein Company Present"

The Weinstein Company produces and Lexus sponsors a short film series going on Vimeo for old timey-type sponsorship where the name is mentioned but the content is a separate story.  Between these and the producers of High Maintenance, Vimeo is establishing itself as a destination for high end, intellectual, egalitarian content.

Market hours is a charming short film with a theme song that sounds like VEEP.

Security Guard, star of Lexus Short Film "Market Hours" sitting at a desk, view from behind the other side of the desk

screenshot from Lexus Film Market Hours

Vimeo Market Hours Gary Cole

And look, Gary Cole!

Watch Market Hours here: http://vimeo.com/channels/lexusshortfilms/108968563

View all Lexus short films


Cynopsis reports that Vimeo will deliver content from Maker Studios, one of just a few premiere YouTube content networks whose main source of distribution is currently YouTube.  Bongggg!


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