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Lucas really is a Spencer!

ABC’s General Hospital is doing wonderful things with their website.  GH! Now, Shirtless Tuesdays, Gay Threesomes on Demand – it doesn’t really get ANY better for fans of soap operas.

In the past, character mashup videos have been done best by the fans.  Love letters from us to the soaps, if you will.  I myself used to tape the GH Nurses Ball and then go into my A/V club in high school just to edit a version without commercials.  But soap opera fanship is a special thing, and it’s a delicate balance of contemporary and camp.  Fans are hungry for more than the drawn-out storylines and need something to do with this insane wealth of knowledge about each and every character that’s ever been on the show.  There is a lucrative nationwide cottage industry of soap opera actor appearances, for example.  On the other hand, ABC’s elevator series, “What if” was wanted, but not so good.  It resulted in fake chemistry which I say ultimately resulted in the horrible debacle that was Carly and Franco.  So if something’s not genuine, it will be torn to shreds one way or another.

Which brings me to appreciating the effort that GH’s digital has recently made, and I just want to say out loud to the atmosphere that I really do appreciate it.  Nancy Lee Grahn, you are making a wonderful host, and I as a fan am so happy that all my dreams are coming true of an honest, robust and absolutely gleeful digital presence for my favorite show.  General Hospital Digital, you are my 2015 Valentine.

So check out ABC.GO.COM because this 2015 Fan February is basically a treasure trove of love letters from shirtless man actors to their every weekday fans.  In this day and age it’s not easy to keep alive the hope that General Hospital will go on endlessly forever, and that it will always be this good, but thanks to the digital campaigns and the sexy storylines of any persuasion (Ahem Nancy Lee Grahn & Michelle Stafford on this week’s GH NOW!) GH is still a place for people to go for safe, exciting and passionate weekday television.  And now digital.  Woohoo and welcome!

Nathan and maxie a love story

GH Shirtless Nathan

GH Christmas Morgan

GH Happy Valentines Day 2015 Box Gfx


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