3 pictures of the eat our feelings cohosts holding vegetables

The 2015 Streamy Awards were held last weekend and you can find the full list of winners here.  There was a decent mix of new and established creators, maybe 50-50 of names I recognized and didn’t.  They also had a few categories that seemed to establish the breadth of content into tomes and conventions.  I think “First Person” is an interesting way to describe the confessional-type videos, “Social Good Campaign” is a wonderful category to have, and splitting up “Short Form Creativity” and “Short Form Comedy” is a nice way to do it.  A drunk lady won “Best Writing” and Epic Rap Battles of History” and “Video Game High School” both swept with not one but two awards each.

My favorite series to come out of reading this list is the best “Indie,” “Eat Our Feelings.”  The entire series is hosted using Vimeo on http://www.eatourfeelings.com and it is worth all 12 minutes of every episode.  “Eat Our Feelings” is a hybrid between a cooking show and a scripted comedy.  It takes place in Brooklyn and so one of the ladies is vegan.  But they both eat mainly by shoveling food in their mouth with their bare hands, so I’m automatically on board.  (Every time I eat hot food on a street corner someone gives me a thumbs up and says, “You’re enjoying that, huh!”)

This was the 5th year for the Streamy Awards and Tubefilter still produced, along with VH1 and Dick Clark Productions (whose name I refuse to undercapitalize.)  “Eat Our Feelings” is written by Emma Jane Gonzalez and Sasha Winters.

Brunch - Eat Our Feelings four characters sit around a table

three girls cry on a street corner in the dark



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