Even if you haven’t started the series yet, it is never too late to begin now.  There’s enough on Netflix’ shelf for everyone.

In January 2016, Amy Poehler’s masterpiece, the full series of Parks & Recreation, will finally air online on Netflix.  You can watch all or some, but I must recommend a hearty “all.”  If you already have, like me, this is bringing up some pretty good memories and looking at the nostalgia on NBC.com will make you very happy.

Green background with white letters: "Parks and Recreation the Farewell Season Tuesdays 8/7c and tiny NBC peacock logo

On my channel, Parks and Recreation can always air on Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Text reads: "Parks and Recreation Behind the Scenes: Pn the road with Parks and Rec"

I was excited to see lots of lighting setups pictured in this feature.  The behind the scenes video “Behind the Scenes: On the Road with Parks & Rec” on NBC.com is done very well.  It’s also a good look into what makes up a day on any set.  These are some of the crazier days for sure because you usually won’t have 7 locations in one day!  When the AD finally says those beautiful words “It’s a wrap” it must have sounded like music, although that’s also the point at which you have to start packing everything up.  The director also yells “OK go” rather than “action” which sounds nice too.  Overall it seemed like a great place to be on set.

Here’s a daytime scene in a cozy D.C. office.

Two cameras film Leslie Knope and Cory Booker et al in the final season of Parks & Rec.

And here’s how the overall lighting was achieved:

Director explains to Amy, Aubrey and DC guest. This is the flip side of the Cory Booker 2 shot.

Two of these lights are bounced off ceilings. The one pointing towards the actors has a bottomer net to keep hard light above but cut to soft light on them.  The light opposite camera has a flag, cutting the light off the walls.  All are daylight temperature.

Just for comparison, here’s what it looks like where a scene is not lit:

Director and others with headphones on the dialogue convulse in laughter.

Amy Poehler is in the foreground with Aubrey Plaza but behind her is a camera guy and 3 crew members as well as some G&E gear on stands.

There were a lot of exteriors.

Amy Poehler talks as Aubrey Plaza shushes a helicopter.

Bless you Aubrey for shushing a helicopter, the bane of any outdoor scene.

A man flags sunshine off the camera and operator, a boom operator extends his boom from beyond a c-stand duckbilled 8 foot bead board.

A man flags sunshine off the camera and operator, a boom operator extends his boom from beyond a c-stand duckbilled 8 foot bead board and another cameraman operates each on opposite sides of Aubrey and Amy.

A grid overhead shades Amy holding a latte as two cameras and crew look on, bead boards on both sides of amy.

A grid overhead shades Amy holding a latte with two camera operators on butt dollies and bead boards at a 75 degree angle.

Amy and Aubrey against a beautiful capitol and lake backdrop with three cameras going.

A three camera setup.

Umbrellas all around and a frame of diff covering the light from rain as well as one in front diffusing.  Camera has a rain bag and few crew are milling about.

Light in the rain with the overhead aid of cello and a frame of diff.

Madeline Albright and Amy Poehler do a scene at a restaurant.

Video Village is tented with two arched floppies.

A tiny Video Village is tented by two floppies.

16 crew members and 5 tents are seen in a behind the scenes shot of the crew area.

These tents are for crew departments, extras and others.  Necessary for maintaining operations in any condition.

It's a lot easier when it's not raining. This slate says 08550902 which probably means 9am.

Open trucks line the tree lined road.

A blue tent with a blue back protects video village from rain and sun

On set, there is only one thing you need to know about video village: are you in, or are you out?

The most freeing feeling?  When a street lockup is finally released.

Pedestrians walk through a lineup of crew as a street lockup is released from holding for filming.



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